Automate the tedious parts of document drafting.

Draw from your best work product and your firm's expertise to create quality, up-to-date documents in minutes.


Spend your time on what matters.


01 /  Automate

Clause Logic automates the process of finding and selecting the most effective and up-to-date elements -- or clauses -- in the firm’s document bank, and presents those clauses as building blocks to be quickly assembled into a customized, high-quality document.  It makes obsolete the most tedious parts of document creation: overbroad searches of the firm’s document bank and switching between multiple Word windows to cut and paste.

02 /  Create

Clause Logic is fully integrated in Microsoft Word, so there's no need to switch back and forth between multiple windows. In fact, a lawyer working out of a single document window in Word can use our software to draw from all of her and her colleagues’ best work, organized and prioritized based on her preferences.  And Clause Logic's system ensures that lawyers are using the best, most current version of previous work product.   

03 /  Elevate

Clause Logic helps you quickly assemble high quality, up-to-date documents that represents your firm's best work.  You add value for your clients by improving efficiency on the back-end so that you can spend discussing strategy and providing the counsel your clients really need.  Our software is built for lawyers by a lawyer and legal tech enthusiast.  Our tools are intuitive, secure, and they fully integrate with your existing software. 

Maximize the value you generate each time you draft a document.

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Our Story

The Clause Logic team brings together an award-winning team of legal software developers and an attorney with experience in both the public and private sectors, and litigation and corporate law. Mike Boucher is uniquely positioned to lead the tech team, and not just because he's a law school dropout.  He sold his previous company (and his reason for leaving law school) to Lexis in 2014, and that product has won legal software product of the year for the last five years.  Julie Saltman spent over a decade at the U.S. Department of Justice, and served as Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Copyright Office. She left to start her own firm and also co-found a previous legal tech startup.  Though it didn't take off, she realized she had a knack for entrepreneurship.  She crossed paths with Mike at a pitch event in Boulder, CO.  They began an ongoing conversation about how technology could enhance legal practice, which ultimately lead to the idea for Clause Logic.

Our Team

Mike Boucher

Co-Founder, Tech Expert

Julie Saltman

Co-Founder, Legal Expert

Dan Nix

Senior Developer


Lawyers are only billing for about 80% of the time they spend on client matters.  

Cite: Legal Trends Report, powered by Clio, 2018.

Firms want to be able to do more work for their clients without hiring more staff.

Cite: Legal Trends Report, powered by Clio, 2018.

In-person communication and phone calls adds significant value for clients.

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Clause Logic makes your drafting process more efficient and predictable, so you can spend your time thinking about and perfecting your work product and discussing strategy with your clients.

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