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Productivity boosting tools designed by lawyers.

Clause Logic reduces workflow friction with targeted automation, so that you can bill for your judgment and experience, not your time.


01 /  Automate

Clause Logic automates the low-value, non-billable parts of document drafting, so that you can spend time on the high value work your clients appreciate:

Instantly populate client information across groups of documents.

Make a change once and it's automatically updated throughout a document group.

Never copy and paste client-specific information between cases.

02 /  Integrate

Clause Logic is fully integrated in Microsoft Word. Pull client information, paste a particularly well phrased legal standard, make changes across your client's documents -- all from within one Word window.


No need go to the web or the cloud, to fill out a questionnaire, to spend time fixing poorly generated formatting, or to open and switch between multiple windows to copy and paste parts of a document. 

03 /  Collaborate

Clause Logic documents are endlessly customizable. Unlike document templates that make customization and editing difficult, Clause Logic documents provide all of the benefits of templates without the drawbacks. 

You and your team can add and edit client information or draw from your clause bank, format text, tinker with it, redline it, and revert to previous versions of it -- without losing the efficiency enhancing benefits of Clause Logic.


Clause Logic Beta was released in April 2020. 

Clause Logic Basic and Professional are launching for sale in 2021.

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Our Story

The Clause Logic team brings together an award-winning team of an attorney with experience in both the public and private sectors, and litigation and corporate law and talented software developers with test-driven development and agile development experience.  CEO and Co-Founder Julie Saltman is an experienced lawyer who drew from over a decade of legal practice and her large network to develop tools that solve problems for lawyers. A graduate of Yale University and Michigan Law, she handled high profile, civil litigation at the U.S. Department of Justice, was Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Copyright Office, and co-founded a boutique intellectual property law firm in Washington, DC. Though she practiced in different areas, she faced the same frustrations with the lack of targeted technological solutions to automate the low-value aspects of document drafting, editing, and reviewing. Lead Engineer and Co-Founder Dan Nix is an inveterate tinkerer and problem solver with the uncanny ability to bend Microsoft products to his will. After graduating from the South Dakota School of Mines with degrees in Computer Science, Physics, and a Masters Degree in Computational Science and Robotics, he has worked for robotics and drone startups and as an software engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. We've kept the core team lean and contracted for help as needed, but we're looking to grow the team in 2020.


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Lawyers are only billing for about 80% of the time they spend on client matters.  

Cite: Legal Trends Report, powered by Clio, 2018.

Firms want to be able to do more work for their clients without hiring more staff.

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Cite: Legal Trends Report, powered by Clio, 2018.

in person expectations.png

In-person communication and phone calls adds significant value for clients.

Cite: Legal Trends Report, powered by Clio, 2018.

Clause Logic makes your drafting process more efficient and predictable, so you can spend your time thinking about and perfecting your work product and discussing strategy with your clients.

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