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Is Clause Logic available for purchase?

We released a limited beta version in April 2020 and have added a new feature set and beta users throughout the summer and fall of 2020. If you'd like to try the product in beta, sign up here. We will be launching our Basic and Professional product lines in 2021 for sale. Join our waitlist below to be notified about our launch in the coming months.

Are Clause Logic documents templates?

Not exactly. Clause Logic gives you the ability to enjoy the benefits of templates -- fast and accurate document creation and knowledge management -- without the drawbacks. You can draft your documents and edit them the way you always have -- with a lot of copying, cutting, and pasting -- but without all of the formatting and find-and-replacing to make sure you haven't included typos or client-information from another case. Clause Logic allows you to create flexible templates that you can customize and edit for each client, while ensuring that your client information remains consistent and accurate throughout your whole drafting cycle.

Does Clause Logic require you to fill out a questionnaire, code your documents, or go to a website to build your document?

No. You simply open your document in Microsoft Word like you usually do and start drafting.​ You can import client data and customize your document all within Microsoft Word.

What are the system requirements? Does it run on iOS?

Clause Logic runs on Windows 10, and works with Office 2016 and Office 365. We are planning to release an iOS compatible version in 2020.

Can you edit Clause Logic documents after you fill in client information? Can you save those edits for future use?

Yes. Unlike traditional templates, Clause Logic documents can be edited and customized in all the ways any Microsoft Word document can be used. You can edit any part of the docuemnt, any variable value, etc., all within Microsoft Word, and you can save any changes you make to the non-variable text in your document for future use just by saving the document in Word.

Do you store my Clause Logic documents on your server? Where are they stored?

Your documents are stored on your server, your machine, your cloud based storage solution, or your firm's DMS. We do not store your documents and we are compatible with all storage solutions.

How do I save a document with Clause Logic variables?

Control S or FIle --> Save. Clause Logic is seamlessly integrated in Word so that your documents and your workflow don't need to change.

Is Clause Logic for small or solo firms or for larger firms? Is it better for litigators or transactional lawyers?

Clause Logic is so customizable and user-friendly, it is a valuable productivity boosting tool for all legal professionals. You can use Clause Logic to quickly generate standard contracts that need very little formatting, and you can use it to enhance your brief writing in fact-intensive litigation, and still see significant effenciency improve. This is because Clause Logic is based on extensive research about the way all laywers draft, edit, and review documents. We work with solo practitioners and large international law firms, and everyone in between. Our simple, integrated update system makes pushing updates and fixes easy for individuals as well as law firm IT departments.

Is there an onboarding process for Clause Logic?

Unlike traditional template companies, Clause Logic doesn't require costly, time-consuming, and inflexible onboarding processes. Users can simply begin adding documents to variables as they create and edit them for clients. We provide extensive video walk throughs and offer live training webinars for customers. We also offer to assist firms with creating their initial set of Clause Logic documents. Contact us below for more information if you are interested in our help getting started.

How does Clause Logic support its customers?

Because Clause Logic was founded by lawyers, we understand how valuable our customers' time is. We are committed to promptly and effectively resolving any technical or usability issues for customers. We have built a direct help hotline within Microsoft Word, and we are available around the clock to answer questions.

Can I use the same set of variables for multiple documents? Can I create document packages?

Our Professional version allows you to populate client data across multiple documents, group them into packages, and then create multiple iterations of document packages with different client data. You can also simply connect all documents for one client to the same data set. Professional allows you to save time on inputting and updating client data. If you make a change in one place in one document, it will be populated throughout the whole group. So you know your documents are always consistent no matter how many people are working on them.

Can you use track changes with Clause Logic documents?

Yes. You can use all Word features on Clause Logic documents and still benefit from Clause Logic functionality.

Does Clause Logic make remote work more efficient?

Because we automate away a lot of the switching back and forth between multiple Word windows and between Word and external sources that all lawyers do, we make working from home -- on a smaller or fewer screens and with less room to spread out -- much more efficient. You can copy, paste, customize, and review and input and edit client data all from within one Word window. We cut down the unbilled time that accumulates when you're not working from your office, where you're most productive.​

Does Clause Logic enhance collaboration? Can mulitple people edit the same document?

Yes, Clause Logic makes collaborative document creation more efficient. Because of the endless customizability of Clause Logic documents, multiple users can work on the document and edit it without losing the benefit of Clause Logic variables. Colleagues can share documents for go-bys without worrying about spreading client data, and if one person makes a change to one client variable value, it will be populated throughout a whole group of documents. No need for constant global find-and-replaces.

Is Clause Logic only for lawyers and paralegals?

No. We built this tool with lawyers in mind, because our CEO and Co-Founder, Julie Saltman, developed these tools based on her experience practicing law. However, our research indicates that lawyers are not the only people who draft documents using an iterative process that repurposes previous work. If you are not a lawyer, but you'd like to try Clause Logic, request to join our beta and let us know how it goes. We've had consultants, doctors, academics, and business professionals find our software very valuable. We'd love to hear from you about your experience!

Can you create your own clause bank with Clause Logic?

We are building and testing the feature that will allow users to maintain a clause bank of commonly used clauses for individuals, practice groups, and large firms to further automate the copy and paste process and narrow the number of Word windows users need to open. This feature is still in development and will be released in the coming months. Sign up for our waitlist below, or get started using Clause Logic Professional and prepare to upgrade once we release the clause bank feature.

I have a cool idea for a feature, does Clause Logic take requests?

Yes. As an early stage company, we are always gathering data and experimenting on how to improve the document drafting and review process for lawyers. We would greatly value and appreciate your thoughts on how we could build tools to enhance the way you work. Please email us or use this contact form and let us know what you'd like to see added to our next update.

How do I get in touch with Clause Logic?

You can email us at or use this contact form. If you're using the software and want to reach out, you can also use the Talk to Clause Logic button in the Clause Logic ribbon menu at the top fo the page. However you contact us, we will respond within 24 hours.


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