Clause Logic is currently in beta.


Join the waitlist for the official launch of Clause Logic Basic and Professional here.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 10, Office 2016 or Office 365. iOS version coming in 2020.

On download, your browser may notify you that the file is blocked or not from a trusted source because we're a new company. You can click to open the menu on the right side of the file in the download tray of your browser to choose to keep the file.


  • Double click on the installation file attached to your email from Clause Logic.

  • A dialogue box might pop up that looks like this:

Instructions 1.PNG
  • Click "More Info" and you will see that Scripta LLC, the parent company of Clause Logic, is  listed as the Publisher in the following dialogue box:

Instructions 2.PNG
  • Click "Run anyway".

  • The next dialogue box will ask whether you want to allow Scripta LLC to make changes to your computer.  Click "Yes".

  • Follow the installation instructions and review and agree to the End User License Agreement.

  • Click Finish to complete installation.

  • To get started using Clause Logic, simply open Microsoft Word.

For tips and tutorials, check out our Tips and Troubleshooting page.  Contact us with any questions.